theodore zanardelli


The world and this reality can be the moment of a blink of an eye, or the infinitely dimensional and elastic hollow space between life and death. A ball of gnats and swirling stars around a black hole can be equally fascinating and represented with the same marks. My current process explores and challenges this concept.
My work samples and personalizes judiciously and intuitively the languages of deconstruction, abstraction, expressionism, and to a lesser degree minimalism. The involvement of the artist’s hand is important and necessary to my work. A blue collar work ethic and an intellectual / conceptual approach feed off each other. Examination through prolific output is vital. Repetition and discipline are essential to move ever closer, however unattainable, to the perfect.
Drawing, sketchbooks, painting, and writing have merged into one process. The sketchbook has evolved into the perfect vehicle to observe the malleable nature, exquisite quality, cruelty, and the static and kinetic energy of line, form, and space. Cross-pollination is a relentless and never ending process.
My work engages fracture, transmutation, disintegration, and restricted views. There is a constant push and pull between expulsion and assimilation. Structures and systems are continuously dismantled and reassembled. Line, form, and space fluctuate and flicker. Forms bubble to the surface and sink back into the morass. Layering, surface, and movement of line have become essential. All things are energy, and all things are equal.
I see no difference between a ditch on the side of the road and the perpetual vibration of atoms. I explore these ideas and theorems by traversing the worlds between realism and the non-objective. There is the circle of this world, and there is the smeared black circle of the “other”. Are my generated works simply this reality, or the twigs that hold the soul together?


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The Ohio State University


MFA: Painting & Drawing
The Ohio State University


distant dust